Dental Issues You Must Become Aware of Today

Dental Issues You Must Become Aware of Today

Dental health is vital for the best overall health and as you learn more about dental health, you will know that the mouth and particularly the tongue tell more about your current health status.

Probably most of us have headed to the clinic or hospital and the doctor has requested us to stick out the tongue. The reason behind this is that the tongue is a mirror to your health conditions, especially in cases where you can’t thoroughly explain your medical condition.

On the other hand, dental issues/problems are quite common much as there are numerous oral solutions today pioneered by technological advancement. Caused by a number of factors such as poor flossing, brushing, and carelessness, you must be aware of the possible dental problems that may attack you;

Bad Breath

This is the number one oral problem in most of the individuals regardless of their age group. Also known as Halitosis, more than 80% of individuals suffer from this condition that may be periodic, persistent or chronic.

The major cause of bad breath is the bacteria that build up on the tongue, or the teeth in case of poor flossing and brushing measures. In addition, gum diseases, dry mouth, certain foods, cavities, and oral cancer can trigger bad breath

Mouth Sores

Canker sores are the commonest type of mouth sores, yet, there are various types of mouth sores. Mouth sores can become bothersome in case they keep on recurring. In this case, these sores may indicate a serious underlying medical condition that requires immediate attention

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can also be termed as dental cavity and it is the commonest oral problem in the USA. Generally, tooth decay can attack anyone, even children provided one doesn’t brush twice or thrice a day.

The root cause of cavities is the plaque, which is the sticky substance that forms on the teeth. When this substance blends with the starch and sugar from the food, an acid is produced and this attacks the tooth’s enamel. Watch what you eat and always ensure to brush every after a meal.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity develops due to a variety of reasons and as a result, you will experience discomfort and pain whenever you eat or drink cold or hot stuff.

A damaged gum, jawbone, or an infection can cause tooth sensitivity. This issue may prove recurring, which means that you require extensive treatments from the best dental clinic in Ludhiana. Annual dental checkups are a fundamental measure of preventing most of the dental problems today.

Let’s talk about brushing our teeth!

Let’s talk about brushing our teeth!

My smile or your smile may make someone’s day directly or indirectly. Have you ever smiled only because you saw someone else smiling while exposing a beautiful dental formula and pleasant teeth? Millions have experienced this!

Brushing our teeth every morning is a habit for most of us, but few of us do it for the right reasons or know how to do it. There are various considerations that must be implemented as we brush our teeth or aiding the young ones brush their teeth. Some of these include;

  • The type of toothbrush (get one with perfect bristles)
  • The type of toothpaste
  • The amount of time
 Brushing in Adults

As adults, we may know how to brush, but it’s common to dedicate less time as we brush simply because we are late for work or otherwise. Also, it is recommended that you get a toothbrush with firm bristles and instead of using force to attain fine teeth, change your toothbrush every three months

 A fluoride toothpaste is best the teeth as it protects them from germ and acid accumulation

Brushing in Children

Children must be monitored and supervised as they brush. Teach your child how to move the toothbrush in various areas of the mouth including the tongue. Get a toothbrush with soft bristles and get a fluoride toothpaste. Instruct your child to spit the formulation and rinse the mouth with enough water

Let your child brush two to three times a day

All in all, an annual dental checkup is recommended to prevent various dental issues such as tooth decay, cavities, and periodontitis. Ludhiana Dental Centre in India is one of the leading dental clinic in Ludhiana with world-class dental practices.

Cavities and Prevention of Cavities

What is a cavity?

The cavity is a hole in the tooth which can become bigger and deeper with time. It develops in the tooth when acid produced by bacteria eats away the outermost layer of the tooth called enamel. If you do not go to the dentist then bacteria may begin to decay your tooth. You might experience mild pain in your tooth called toothache. Pain come and go.

Prevention of cavities

  • When your dentist feels that you might have the high risk of cavities then he will suggest rinsing your mouth with fluoride daily and properly.
  • Drink public water in this water fluoride is added which helps you to reduce tooth decay.
  • Eat food which is healthy for teeth such as fruit and vegetables. Avoid eatables which stuck in your grooves and pits of the tooth. If you eat them then brush your teeth immediately after eating them.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to avoid a problem or you can stop them early.
  • Fluoride toothpaste should be used while brushing.
  • If you aren’t getting sufficient which is required by your teeth then the dentist will treat you with periodic fluoride treatments. Custom trays are fit over your teeth for prescription fluoride if a risk is really high.
  • You can also have combined treatment in which you have to chew xylitol – based gum with fluoride and anti bacterial rinse can help you to reduce a risk of cavities.

Root Canal treatment is best to treat your damaged teeth. Watch this video to have an idea.

Now You can also have a good smile

Are your teeth infected? Are you looking for a treatment to recover your problem? Then your search is over. At Ludhiana Dental Centre, you can for treatment of your tooth and can experience the facilities provided by our staff. We are really no.1 in our area with well qualified and experienced workers. We are expert in Root Canal Treatment.

Is Root Canal Treatment safe?

Their no guarantee of the outcome of the treatment and it is not totally risk free. If the Root Canal Treatment is not undertaken early in a diagnosis. Then the pulp of tooth may get infected. There is also a danger of spreading infection, which could lead to abscess formation and damage to the oral bone.

Risks of Root Canal Treatment

* darkening of affected tooth

* tooth under treatment is not as strong as natural tooth

* their is a possibility of discomfort and toothache

* no guaranteed lifespan

* painful surgery

Tips After Extraction of Tooth

* area should be kept clean

* avoid some food

* pay attention to pain levels

* take prescribed antibiotics

* you should put pressure on your infected tooth

* get a crown for the tooth

Why to choose Ludhiana Dental Centre?

Root Canal Treatment in India has achieved a new mark. This facility of treatment is available everywhere in our country, but everyone wants best centre who satisfy them and have low risks of side effects. Our centre will provide you best facilities with the world’s best team in our centre.

Watch this video to know the root canal treatment procedure

A one-day Dental Implant Procedure: Painless and simply the perfect treatment

It’s time to worry no more about missing tooth/teeth in mouths. The latest 3D equipment, a patient is assured of a one day process and yet painless. The process prevents multiple dental appointments and also prevents leaving gaps or open wounds within your mouth.

A tooth or teeth extraction has always been painful in the past, but the latest technological development provides friendly procedures. Losing a tooth is one of the horrible things to ever happen to a person, but dental implants are the only permanent solutions with the same attributes like the original tooth.

With the new improved procedures, there is no cut made in the gum, and you will have a shorter recovery period. Before the dental implant process begins, the dentist with his team will have to examine the teeth, gums, the best dental implants necessary.

The improved dental treatments at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana provide a lifetime covert and relief from all dental issues. Patients ought not to follow the traditional myths of the expensive and painful dental procedures.

For many patients, dental implants have replaced dentures and crowns due to the health benefits that accompany dental implants. With the help of the 3D imaging, the dentist only has to plan the procedure with the help of a virtue mock-up of the mouth. This will retain your smile, set of teeth, protect your bone, and prevent infections in just a short while.

Watch this video to know the procedure of Root Canal Treatment

Is India benefiting from the growing numbers of dental practitioners?

Is India benefiting from the growing numbers of dental practitioners?

Looking at the many medical issues in our citizens, dental issues are some of the persisting complications. Yes, we have the dental practitioners to help out, but it seems that they aren’t satisfied with what they get from the services. Many of them are opting for better opportunities out of the country.

When we look at the dentists in the country, many of them have opened their own dental centres due to the low payment levels in a majority of the hospitals. Some others are now in other fields trying to make ends meets.

To have a wide range of opportunities, one has to have an MDS apart from the BDS. One must also have great experience in the specialized field of dentistry throughout the duration of the course.

On the other hand, dental services are neglected by a majority of individuals. There is still need for sensitization since many largely engage in smoking and drug use that cause teeth decay and multiple issues.

Acquiring dental health is important and one can meet the best dentist at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

Dental treatments in India are at a lower cost compared to other countries. One can get a root canal treatment at a cost of only Rs. 1000. Other dental treatments like Dental implants are also favorable when it comes to replacing damaged teeth.

Orthodontics is another specialization in dentistry where crooked teeth are straightened without being removed.

Here are some successful results of our clinic:

Anyone form you want to know the full process of root canal treatment then watch this video:

Using Microthreaded Dental Implants To Reduce Crestal Bone Loss


Some of the problems that we face after losing teeth are difficulty in speaking, eating, further damage to the gums, infections and destroying the precious asset and that is the smile. Thanks to the dental implants that have been the favored solution to any number of missing teeth. Though dental implants have been successful for ages, studies have shown that there are underlying effects of dental implants in the mouth

From a recent study, it was found that implants with the microthreaded-neck design would help in preserving much of the crestal bone. From the analysis done between the usual machine-surface implants and the microthreaded-neck design implants, it was found that adding more threads on the implant would be more firmness between the bone and the implant.

The newest practice in dental installation has an impact on the strain and stress that is applied to the implant and there is also securing the crestal bone.

The use of the microthreaded dental implants gives longer success of the dental implants since there is the preservation of the bone.

From the following pictures, you can get to know the complete procedure performed at Ludhiana Dental Centre

The latest finding must be considered before a dentist selects any dental implant for the patient. The newest implantation techniques are majorly driving to better dental practices and treatments that will prevent bone loss and provide maximum benefits. So, if a patient wants a dental implant in India, he or must also consider the benefits of Microthreaded implants