How To Prevent Dental Cavities In Children And Adults


Tooth decay develops over time and at the end lead to dental cavities. When certain bacteria in our mouths use sugars found in food to create acids, an infection is formed and this leads to tooth decay. There are many bacteria found in our teeth, tongue, and gums, but not all of them are dangerous. On a regular basis, you have to watch what you eat because the more you consume sugary foods; the bacteria use it to produce acids that in the long run damage the teeth’s outer surface and the enamel. So here is how to avoid dental cavity;

  1. Fluoride

It slows and reduces the ability of bacteria to create acids in the mouth and it provides the necessary minerals to the teeth.

There are many benefits of fluoride and its daily use, whether in mouth rinse or toothpaste can prevent, stop and reduce the effect of tooth decay. Here is how to use it

  • Use a toothpaste with fluoride in it
  • Use or drink fluoridated water
  • Use fluoride mouth rinse and tablets
  1. While brushing, leave the paste on the teeth for some minutes and then rinse your mouth
  2. Brush at least three times a day
  3. In the case of children, monitor their brushing habits and supervise them as they brush
  4. Limit the snacks you eat, such as biscuits, sodas cakes, sweets, and bread as they increase acid production in the mouth
  5. Don’t eat sugary foods at night or before bed, when you do, brush before you sleep
  6. Use a firm toothbrush

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All about Dental Implant Treatment



Nowadays, it is much easier to replace or implant your lost teeth and also you can also change the appearance of teeth just because of recent cosmetic dentistry.

Difference between cosmetic and general dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry involves the change in the look of the teeth in order to alter the smile and appearance whereas the general dentistry involves the treatment to be done when the person loses or breaks teeth because of any trauma, cavity or tooth decay due to any natural reason.

Dental Implants

If you have lost your teeth because of any trauma, old age or any other natural cause then the space in the mouth left behind. But now with the advancement of technology, there is a treatment called, dental implant has helped in overcoming these kinds of issues.

The process of dental implant treatment in India involves the placement of metal rod at the jawline then putting the artificial tooth over the space that was left behind by the former teeth. This process will help you in keeping your gumline healthy and long lasting.

There are two types of dental implants:

Endosteal implants: Implanted directly into the jawbone with surgical procedure

Subperiosteal implants: Implanted below the gum tissue in jawbone

Dental Bridges – What are they and their Types


If you are having a gap in between your teeth or you have lost your teeth due to accident, infection or decay, then you can replace your missing or gapped teeth a prosthetic device that looks natural called as dental bridges.

The dental bridges are the best and permanent solution to replace your missing teeth or that are need to be removed. The dental bridges are fused between two porcelain crowns that will not only help you to gain a perfect and complete smile but also the ability of eating is also restored.

Those days are completely gone when people were not having any solution to regain their perfect dental structure and they had to bear the stained, chipped, misaligned or spaced teeth. But nowadays, there is a variety of dental treatments with which you can get a healthy smile on your face. By getting the best dental bridges treatment in India, you can maintain the shape of your face.

What are Dental Bridges?

The dental bridges are also referred as false teeth that help you to get a beautiful, healthy and a pleasing smile on your face. These are used in the cosmetic surgery to cover the gap or space between the teeth or from where the tooth is missing. The bridge is made up of two caps that are known as crowns and bridge is permanently placed over the abutment tooth.


The dental bridges are of three types:

Traditional bridges

These are basically porcelains that are fixed over the one or more than one missing teeth. They are made up of Ceramic Porcelain that provides aesthetic, durable and good performance.

Cantilever bridges

These cantilever bridges support the single tooth only and most of the time used when the front tooth is lost.

Maryland bonded bridges

These Maryland bonded bridges do not to be crowned as they receive the strength from neighboring teeth. This bridge makes use of the porcelain tooth.

Dental Implant Best and Permanent Treatment

These days the use of cement and fillings is being foregone since dental implants are away better than veneers, contours and all that simply because they provide permanent protection and replacements. The cost of dental implants in Ludhiana has gone down over the years. This depends on the type of dental implants, temporary or permanent and the dentist to work on you. Our dentist can determine the best implants for you and designed to give you comfort, freedom and relief from all dental problems.

As a human being, you are supposed to visit a dentist after a year for just a check up in the case when you have healthy and normal teeth. For those with a problem, you have to visit a dentist earlier to determine the course of action. Regular checkups can help a dentist and you keep track of your dental health and advice you on the dos and don’ts.

Teeth Straightening Ensures Perfect Looking Teeth


Having the straight and perfect teeth will not only provide you with a beautiful smile but also gives you the healthy gums. Besides having the aesthetic results, teeth straightening has many orthodontic benefits. The straight teeth can easily clean and hence the chances of building up the germs are quite less. This can help you in preventing the periodontal diseases and also premature wearing out of teeth because of stress. For this, braces and aligners are used by the orthodontists in order make your teeth straight. Aligners are having more benefits over the braces like these can be easily removed and not visible to anyone. Hence, they are getting more popularized these days.

Why there is the need for teeth straightening?

  • Straight and perfect teeth make you look more beautiful with an attractive smile.
  • Straight teeth can be easily brushed or flossed without any worry to clean to unreachable places. You can clean you in between places with great ease.
  • Thus the regular and proper cleaning of the teeth will prevent the building up germs and plaque. This will keep your gums healthy and pain-free.
  • The straightening of teeth will also prevent you in dealing with improper bites like overbite, deep bite etc.
  • Hence, a proper bite will definitely ensure you the complete chewing and digestion of food.
  • The crowding of teeth inside the mouth can be easily sorted out with this surgery.
  • Teeth can be properly spaced out in order to get rid of large in between spaces.
  • Also, the speech obstruction can be avoided.
  • The unnecessary pressure on the molars can be prevented that causes the premature wearing out.

To sum up, teeth straightening can provide you with healthy and beautiful gums and it can improve your bite processes and speech obstructions. You can get the teeth straightening surgery in India at very affordable prices.

A Natural, Non-Surgical Tooth Replacement


In the market, you can find the excellent opportunity of new dental products from the whole world. One of the new procedures is a non-surgical tooth replacement that is an alternative to traditional dental implants.

The new tooth replacement surgery eliminates the requirement to perform osteotomy on the patient’s tooth. The replicate system just like as a natural tooth. In this procedure, the patient once comes the clinic can never go back without a tooth and he does not have to bear multiple surgeries.

This procedure is more efficient for the dentists and also very much profitable to them.

This replicate process is done before the old tooth is extracted. Then there is the need of CT scan in order to take impressions of the tooth crown. Then these impressions are sent to the lab with some instructions related to abutment color and implant location. After this, a unique tooth is created for the patient within 4-5 days.

When the patient’s tooth is ready then the natural tooth removed and implantation is done. There is no need of drills, gingival flap and even no bones are removed.

This procedure is 100% customizable for the anatomical shape of the replaced tooth. Even the replicate tooth is unique for every patient from root to crown part.

This treatment you can get from best dental implant centre in India at very affordable prices.

Best Dental Clinic in Punjab

Best Dental Clinic in Punjab

Keeping your teeth gum free is the biggest challenges nowadays. Because of the poor diet or stressful life, no one have enough time to care their teeth. Brush is the not only option for your teeth care you need to do more efforts. There are various kinds of the diseases comes with gum problems such as illness, sexual problems and many others too. To keep your mouth gum free you need to visit dental clinic time to time.

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