Dental Bridges – What are they and their Types


If you are having a gap in between your teeth or you have lost your teeth due to accident, infection or decay, then you can replace your missing or gapped teeth a prosthetic device that looks natural called as dental bridges.

The dental bridges are the best and permanent solution to replace your missing teeth or that are need to be removed. The dental bridges are fused between two porcelain crowns that will not only help you to gain a perfect and complete smile but also the ability of eating is also restored.

Those days are completely gone when people were not having any solution to regain their perfect dental structure and they had to bear the stained, chipped, misaligned or spaced teeth. But nowadays, there is a variety of dental treatments with which you can get a healthy smile on your face. By getting the best dental bridges treatment in India, you can maintain the shape of your face.

What are Dental Bridges?

The dental bridges are also referred as false teeth that help you to get a beautiful, healthy and a pleasing smile on your face. These are used in the cosmetic surgery to cover the gap or space between the teeth or from where the tooth is missing. The bridge is made up of two caps that are known as crowns and bridge is permanently placed over the abutment tooth.


The dental bridges are of three types:

Traditional bridges

These are basically porcelains that are fixed over the one or more than one missing teeth. They are made up of Ceramic Porcelain that provides aesthetic, durable and good performance.

Cantilever bridges

These cantilever bridges support the single tooth only and most of the time used when the front tooth is lost.

Maryland bonded bridges

These Maryland bonded bridges do not to be crowned as they receive the strength from neighboring teeth. This bridge makes use of the porcelain tooth.


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