How To Prevent Dental Cavities In Children And Adults


Tooth decay develops over time and at the end lead to dental cavities. When certain bacteria in our mouths use sugars found in food to create acids, an infection is formed and this leads to tooth decay. There are many bacteria found in our teeth, tongue, and gums, but not all of them are dangerous. On a regular basis, you have to watch what you eat because the more you consume sugary foods; the bacteria use it to produce acids that in the long run damage the teeth’s outer surface and the enamel. So here is how to avoid dental cavity;

  1. Fluoride

It slows and reduces the ability of bacteria to create acids in the mouth and it provides the necessary minerals to the teeth.

There are many benefits of fluoride and its daily use, whether in mouth rinse or toothpaste can prevent, stop and reduce the effect of tooth decay. Here is how to use it

  • Use a toothpaste with fluoride in it
  • Use or drink fluoridated water
  • Use fluoride mouth rinse and tablets
  1. While brushing, leave the paste on the teeth for some minutes and then rinse your mouth
  2. Brush at least three times a day
  3. In the case of children, monitor their brushing habits and supervise them as they brush
  4. Limit the snacks you eat, such as biscuits, sodas cakes, sweets, and bread as they increase acid production in the mouth
  5. Don’t eat sugary foods at night or before bed, when you do, brush before you sleep
  6. Use a firm toothbrush

You can also get the quality dental treatment from best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana as with these dental treatments, the life of your teeth will get increased. Ludhiana Dental Centre is the best-recommended centre to avoid your teeth cavity problems. From the following image, you can have a look over one of our successful case

case1 case2
case3 case4

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