Using Microthreaded Dental Implants To Reduce Crestal Bone Loss


Some of the problems that we face after losing teeth are difficulty in speaking, eating, further damage to the gums, infections and destroying the precious asset and that is the smile. Thanks to the dental implants that have been the favored solution to any number of missing teeth. Though dental implants have been successful for ages, studies have shown that there are underlying effects of dental implants in the mouth

From a recent study, it was found that implants with the microthreaded-neck design would help in preserving much of the crestal bone. From the analysis done between the usual machine-surface implants and the microthreaded-neck design implants, it was found that adding more threads on the implant would be more firmness between the bone and the implant.

The newest practice in dental installation has an impact on the strain and stress that is applied to the implant and there is also securing the crestal bone.

The use of the microthreaded dental implants gives longer success of the dental implants since there is the preservation of the bone.

From the following pictures, you can get to know the complete procedure performed at Ludhiana Dental Centre

The latest finding must be considered before a dentist selects any dental implant for the patient. The newest implantation techniques are majorly driving to better dental practices and treatments that will prevent bone loss and provide maximum benefits. So, if a patient wants a dental implant in India, he or must also consider the benefits of Microthreaded implants


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