Now You can also have a good smile

Are your teeth infected? Are you looking for a treatment to recover your problem? Then your search is over. At Ludhiana Dental Centre, you can for treatment of your tooth and can experience the facilities provided by our staff. We are really no.1 in our area with well qualified and experienced workers. We are expert in Root Canal Treatment.

Is Root Canal Treatment safe?

Their no guarantee of the outcome of the treatment and it is not totally risk free. If the Root Canal Treatment is not undertaken early in a diagnosis. Then the pulp of tooth may get infected. There is also a danger of spreading infection, which could lead to abscess formation and damage to the oral bone.

Risks of Root Canal Treatment

* darkening of affected tooth

* tooth under treatment is not as strong as natural tooth

* their is a possibility of discomfort and toothache

* no guaranteed lifespan

* painful surgery

Tips After Extraction of Tooth

* area should be kept clean

* avoid some food

* pay attention to pain levels

* take prescribed antibiotics

* you should put pressure on your infected tooth

* get a crown for the tooth

Why to choose Ludhiana Dental Centre?

Root Canal Treatment in India has achieved a new mark. This facility of treatment is available everywhere in our country, but everyone wants best centre who satisfy them and have low risks of side effects. Our centre will provide you best facilities with the world’s best team in our centre.

Watch this video to know the root canal treatment procedure

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