Cavities and Prevention of Cavities

What is a cavity?

The cavity is a hole in the tooth which can become bigger and deeper with time. It develops in the tooth when acid produced by bacteria eats away the outermost layer of the tooth called enamel. If you do not go to the dentist then bacteria may begin to decay your tooth. You might experience mild pain in your tooth called toothache. Pain come and go.

Prevention of cavities

  • When your dentist feels that you might have the high risk of cavities then he will suggest rinsing your mouth with fluoride daily and properly.
  • Drink public water in this water fluoride is added which helps you to reduce tooth decay.
  • Eat food which is healthy for teeth such as fruit and vegetables. Avoid eatables which stuck in your grooves and pits of the tooth. If you eat them then brush your teeth immediately after eating them.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to avoid a problem or you can stop them early.
  • Fluoride toothpaste should be used while brushing.
  • If you aren’t getting sufficient which is required by your teeth then the dentist will treat you with periodic fluoride treatments. Custom trays are fit over your teeth for prescription fluoride if a risk is really high.
  • You can also have combined treatment in which you have to chew xylitol – based gum with fluoride and anti bacterial rinse can help you to reduce a risk of cavities.

Root Canal treatment is best to treat your damaged teeth. Watch this video to have an idea.

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