Let’s talk about brushing our teeth!

Let’s talk about brushing our teeth!

My smile or your smile may make someone’s day directly or indirectly. Have you ever smiled only because you saw someone else smiling while exposing a beautiful dental formula and pleasant teeth? Millions have experienced this!

Brushing our teeth every morning is a habit for most of us, but few of us do it for the right reasons or know how to do it. There are various considerations that must be implemented as we brush our teeth or aiding the young ones brush their teeth. Some of these include;

  • The type of toothbrush (get one with perfect bristles)
  • The type of toothpaste
  • The amount of time
 Brushing in Adults

As adults, we may know how to brush, but it’s common to dedicate less time as we brush simply because we are late for work or otherwise. Also, it is recommended that you get a toothbrush with firm bristles and instead of using force to attain fine teeth, change your toothbrush every three months

 A fluoride toothpaste is best the teeth as it protects them from germ and acid accumulation

Brushing in Children

Children must be monitored and supervised as they brush. Teach your child how to move the toothbrush in various areas of the mouth including the tongue. Get a toothbrush with soft bristles and get a fluoride toothpaste. Instruct your child to spit the formulation and rinse the mouth with enough water

Let your child brush two to three times a day

All in all, an annual dental checkup is recommended to prevent various dental issues such as tooth decay, cavities, and periodontitis. Ludhiana Dental Centre in India is one of the leading dental clinic in Ludhiana with world-class dental practices.

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