Do You Wear Braces? How Vital Is Routine Dental Cleaning

Do You Wear Braces? How Vital Is Routine Dental Cleaning

Dental braces are among the commonest dental procedures used to straighten teeth among children and adults. However, are you aware that wearing braces increases your risk of tooth decay and gum problems?

Whether you knew about this or not, it is high time to alter the way you have been treating your braces and certainly your teeth. In case you have braces, it is recommended that you go for dental cleaning every 4 months during this orthodontic treatment.

Reasons For Routine Dental Cleaning

Reasons For Routine Dental Cleaning

In case you wear braces, you must have noticed how hard it is to brush your teeth thoroughly. Since it is difficult to thoroughly clean the teeth, some plaque remains behind and in case no routine dental cleaning is done, it will accumulate.

Over the time, the plaque will trigger gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums. With time, the acid will build up and this certainly demineralizes the teeth. This basically occurs around the orthodontic brackets that act as a harbour for the plaque.

Therefore, to remove this plaque and the stain around and in the brackets, routine dental cleaning is necessary.

It is quite important to understand that Gingivitis is a major issue among patients with braces. Fortunately, this inflammation and the tooth decay are reversible during the early stages. It can be treated alongside several measures taken during dental cleaning and diet alterations.

It should be noted that untreated Gingivitis has adverse effects on your oral health, which could last for a lifetime.

Therefore, while undergoing the treatment, you must also follow the required dental check-ups to prevent any aggressive dental issue that may occur.

Consider The Following During Your Orthodontic Treatment

Consider The Following During Your Orthodontic Treatment

These suggestions include the dos and don’ts that you are supposed to follow during your orthodontic treatment at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana. Here they are!

Brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste
You must avoid hard foods like nuts and cookies
If possible, stay away from all types of popcorn
Avoid chewing gum
Try as much as possible to eat boneless meat to prevent the meat from sticking in the braces.
Avoid or limit sticky foods like fruit bars, toffees, and gum.
Certain foods like apples and carrots must be chopped into small pieces before eating them
Avoid biting your nails or using your teeth to open bottles.
Follow the doctor’s instructions

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