5 Most Common Types Of Tooth Restorations Can Restore Your Flawless Smile

5 Most Common Types Of Tooth Restorations Can Restore Your Flawless Smile

Without teeth the life becomes tasteless, it is common to hear but without teeth, your smile also fades away as your white sparkling teeth enhance the beauty of your face and of your smile. Thus, restoration of damaged or lost tooth is the prime concern for many as they want to restore their cute smile.

What is tooth restoration and how it helps you?

What is tooth restoration and how it helps you?

Restoring tooth means your teeth will be replaced or repaired which were damaged or lost due to tooth decay, injury or gum disease. Tooth restoration not only brings your smile back also gives you many befits like

  1. It improves the overall health of your mouth
  2. It stops the damage from long-term tooth decay or gum disease
  3. It prevents the tooth pain and tooth loss

Types of tooth restoration

Types of tooth restoration


If you have the minor decay of tooth due to cavity then filling can help you to get rid of this situation. In this type of tooth restoration, existing decay has been removed from the mouth and it is cleaned then the empty cavity has been filled with amalgam or composite fillings. It is the process of only one visit and can prevent you from pain or some sensitivity issues after chewing something


Sometime cavity or tooth damage cannot be overcome by filling then the dentists recommend for dental crowns as an ideal solution. The dental crown is the cap for your existing damaged tooth which not only restores the size and function of the tooth but also strengthens it. Dental crowns are also provided after removing the decay due to large cavities.

Tooth bonding

In case of the minor chip or fracture, tooth bonding is the ideal option for tooth restoration. It is the quick and easy procedure that has been completed in only one visit. Tooth bonding is done after finding the exact match for your existing teeth and it is done by using the composite resin. This resin is molded onto the fractured tooth or onto the tooth having the minor chip and then it is hardened and polished to look natural.


It is also the effective option for tooth restoration. In this dental procedure, thin laminates are bonded directly to teeth for creating an exactly matching new tooth to restore your smile. If you have cracked tooth, gaps between teeth and discoloration or strains on teeth then it is the best option for you.

Dental implants

If you have lost your tooth in some injury or due to some other reasons then dental implants can help you to have your natural looking smile back. In this procedure tooth made of durable material that mimics the existing teeth is restored in the place of missing tooth.

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