Is India benefiting from the growing numbers of dental practitioners?

Is India benefiting from the growing numbers of dental practitioners?

Looking at the many medical issues in our citizens, dental issues are some of the persisting complications. Yes, we have the dental practitioners to help out, but it seems that they aren’t satisfied with what they get from the services. Many of them are opting for better opportunities out of the country.

When we look at the dentists in the country, many of them have opened their own dental centres due to the low payment levels in a majority of the hospitals. Some others are now in other fields trying to make ends meets.

To have a wide range of opportunities, one has to have an MDS apart from the BDS. One must also have great experience in the specialized field of dentistry throughout the duration of the course.

On the other hand, dental services are neglected by a majority of individuals. There is still need for sensitization since many largely engage in smoking and drug use that cause teeth decay and multiple issues.

Acquiring dental health is important and one can meet the best dentist at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

Dental treatments in India are at a lower cost compared to other countries. One can get a root canal treatment at a cost of only Rs. 1000. Other dental treatments like Dental implants are also favorable when it comes to replacing damaged teeth.

Orthodontics is another specialization in dentistry where crooked teeth are straightened without being removed.

Here are some successful results of our clinic:

Anyone form you want to know the full process of root canal treatment then watch this video:


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